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December 17, 2018
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1 of the 4 most common reasons your Facebook Ads don’t convert (and How to Fix it)

Poor Targeting FB

The Facebook Ads platform has become one of the most popular advertising platform options to marketers of all types. And although above 90% of marketers use some form of Facebook Ads, more than half of them fail to generate a positive conversion rate.

FB Poor Targeting

In the post below, we are going to touch on the main reason why people fail when it comes to Facebook Ads, and how to correct and fix those failures. We will look at and analyze why most ad campaigns fail on Facebook, and what steps can be taken to ensure that a campaign brings you positive results.

Poor Targeting

Probably the main reason why marketers fail on Facebook Ads, they simply do not understand what targeting is. In today’s market you cannot think that if your ad starts to fail you will simply boost the budget and the more you spend the more you will generate. Unfortunately, online advertising is no longer that simple.

Facebook is only of the online advertising platforms that allows you to create a custom audience, but most people do not utilize this feature or simple do not use it.

FB Detailed Targeting

One of the main benefits with Facebook Ads is the ability to break down your exact audience by following a few steps, and prompts. Facebook is one of the only platforms who lets you pick virtually any relevant demographic and gives you an idea of how many people fall within that means.

Think about it, if you are not interested in buying food for your pet pig why would you want to see an ad which represents that. No matter how nice the ad is you are not going to buy the product, you may click the ad, but you are not going to convert. It’s better to go for verified lead clicks – people who search for the products or services that you are providing. Rather than to go for “curiosity clicks,” which are people who will never buy your product but simply clicked the ad because they liked you visual.

Whenever creating an Facebook Ad, you need to do a first thing. First know your target market, your demographic and have an understand of what your clientele wants. The best way to do this is to have a “buyers persona,” meaning what would you want to see if you were the customer opposed to the business selling the product or service.

Ideally when you make our your list and write it down you will wright down:

  • Age and Gender
  • Location
  • Who/What Influences them?
  • Language
  • Interests/Hobbies

Of course, these are just the surface topics. By clicking the “Advanced,” tab while create the ad you can target based on Connection, Behaviors, Relationship Status, Education, Work, Home, Financial etc.

FB Ads AudienceWould you rather spend $50 dollars on 10 clicks who convert $23.00 USD each? Or would you rather spend $50 dollars on 5 clicks which convert $230.00 USD each?

Targeting is vital. You can never spend enough time on targeting. If for any reason you are unable to figure it out please reach out to us via our contact page.