Alpha Maverick Advertising

We deliver incredibly effective website and tremendously powerful eCommerce systems. Understanding how to run your own website has never been as easy or as complicated as it is today. Meaning more and more small business owners and others are taking time away from running their business to try to run their websites, and Online Advertising Campaigns. And with the ever fast changing internet this has become a task which is simply not feasible. At Alpha Maverick Advertising we have applied our years of expertise to set packages which will allow the business owner the ability to do what they know best, Run Their Business!
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Alpha Maverick Advertising specializes in cost effective Online Advertising and and web design solutions for B2B and B2C companies. We are eCommerce experts who specialize in Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Drupal Commerce and Big Commerce shopping systems.

Our Partners

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What is Designed

Designed is a in-house website product created for businesses all sizes who do not wish to pay thousands of dollars up front in web design and graphical design costs. We build all website search engine friendly, they also work across all platforms, and you never have to worry about the website being outdated.

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Currently we have close to a dozen products and services for various industries and professionals. We take away the stress of people trying to learn about Online and Social Media Advertising. And allow people the time to concentrate on what they know best...their business.

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Blockchain Technology

AMA Token is a platform that creates a secure environment. This environment is completely transparent for all consumers to verify, sell and own their data. With AMA Token all marketers, developers, consumers and enthusiasts gain the knowledge of comprehensive data management solution. Read more

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AMA Auto

Let us build your marketing campaigns utilizing out stack of auto tools. Your campaigns will be ahead of the competition by miles and your will reach a highly engaged audience and achieve all of your online advertising goals.

With using AMA Auto you can:

  • Receive daily targeting reports which allow you to track your targets.
  • Link various mail programs to ad another aspect to online ad targeting.
  • Capture all interested sales leads, and use first-party data to ensure that your company brand remains top-of-mind when the end consumers are looking to lease again.
  • Loan, lease and car purchaser data
  • Real-time traffic data