Designed by Alpha Maverick Advertising Ltd.

What exactly is designed? Designed by Alpha Maverick Advertising Ltd., ("AMA") is a cost effective web solution. Why waste thousands and thousands of dollars on a website which is going to be outdated within 12 months time. After you build a website who is going to update it? Who is going to maintain it? Who is going to look after the server that hosts the website, to prevent data breaches and such?

Designed by AMA, is a full website solution. We offer custom made websites in various technologies which we maintain, update, refresh and ensure is live at all times. We have eliminated the huge startup costs for websites and now simply charge a monthly fee tailored towards your website needs, desires and necessities.

Designed by AMA Fees

Though we have generic website packages for those who are looking for eCommerce based solutions or general business websites and blogs. We believe every customer deserves their own tailored solution. We offer full hosting, email,. and website creation as well as weekly updates within our monthly fee.

Hidden Costs

there are no hidden costs! We simply ask you a set of questions before starting this helps us ensure that all websites are built search engine friendly. We also assess your current and existing traffic and do a full keyword analysis. To get started all we need is a credit card on file and a 2 month retainer, which is held on file to ensure there is a deposit in place in case the credit card on file is declined for any reason.

Designed Technology

We are able to build your website in various technologies, please get in touch with us through the contact page to verify we can work with the technology that you need.

Weekly Updates

We ensure your server and site are always up to date and backed up. We help prevent malware attacks and stabilize all data so it cannot be breached by internet trolls or viruses. If you decide you need a blog you simply send us the blog posts we post to the blog and take care of everything to ensure you are able to run your business while we do our job.