AMA Platform

With the AMA Platform you can:

  • Properly view inventory and reporting from various vendors, channels, exchanges and formats in one dashboard.
  • Build, create, edit and enhance custom data segments within a few clicks.
  • Sit back and relax and allow one of our project managers give you deep insights into campaign optimization.
  • Our custom multi platform media platform allows agencies and brands to work together and surpass challenges on omnichannel marketing campaigns.

AMA Social

This is a game changer! We combine social media strategy with programmatic technology to strengthen your competitive edge.

With AMA Social you can:

  • Quickly and easily schedule, share and automate all of your content across various social media channels.
  • Realize all of the goals for your brand by building a strategic and easy to follow roadmap consisting of content creation and custom photography.
  • Efficiently target various influencers as well as digital, print and broadcast media outlets.

AMA Reach

Working with publishers as well as advertisers to provide premium content with ads in IAB units to deliver guaranteed revenue.

With AMA Reach you can:

    • Magnify and enrich your original owned content with premium content.
    • Gin additional guaranteed revenue from a daily fixed budget buy.
    • Gain access to a ton of premium brand-safe publishers and content providers.
    • Deliver a interactive multi-platform ad experience at scale.


Providing all health care professionals the ability to work on their business while allowing us to manage their online identity.

With AMA MD you can:

  • Concentrate on your business, while we manage your online identity and presence.
  • Work directly with pharmaceutical companies and agencies.
  • Target new potential clients through demographic breakdown.
  • Deliver a unique client experience through waiting room targeting to smartphone devices that will engage potential patients.

AMA Legal

Our legal solution allows legal professionals to engage potential and in-market clients without having to run their ads themselves.

With AMA Legal you can:

  • Let us create and automate all social media strategies and ads.
  • Target all potential clients based on niche, demographic and targeted geographical area.
  • Let us utilize the power of programmatic technology to achieve online success for you and your firm.

AMA Small Biz

Working with small businesses worldwide to ensure that they receive expert advice within their approved budget. Can easily track conversions, engagement and reach of ads.

With AMA Small Biz you can:

  • Set a daily, weekly and monthly budget and have us monitor it to ensure you do not overspend on choosing the wrong type of campaigns.
  • Receive weekly and monthly reports on keyword analysis, as well as cost of acquisition and conversions.
  • Gain instant access to dozens of online advertising exchanges that the general market does not have access to.

AMA Realtor

Ensuring that no one overspends, this is for real estate agents or professionals who wish to target specific area based on approved criteria.

With AMA Realtor you can:

  • Build a online identity by answering a handful of questions we will provide.
  • Target specific areas, postal and zip codes which will help you concentrate in your area of interest.
  • Market your current listings across social media and only pay per click opposed to pay per view which is what most exchanges charge realtors.

AMA Marketers

Alpha Maverick Advertising utilizes every single impression through a in house solution to ensure proper returns on digital inventory across all devices in real time.

With AMA Marketers you can:

  • Receive weekly and monthly reports on performance, Cost-of-Acquisition, Conversions and Reach.
  • Grow online by letting us manage your online advertising presence across different online exchanges and social media platforms.
  • Launch ads across dozens of platforms within a matter of hours, opposed to waiting for creatives and approvals.
  • Let us create all visual creatives within your weekly budget.
  • Flexible payment options: marketers are charged every Friday on a weekly billing schedule which runs from the previous Saturday to the current Friday.