AMA Token - Claim Your Data

AMA Token is a technology that is a blockchain platform which allows all consumers to own, verify and sell their valuable data.

Why Sign Up For AMA Token?

First, you must ask, why not? AMA Token gives back to the consumers, every year big retailers earn billions of dollars on consumer data. This allows consumers to share in the compensation, you earn AMA Tokens when you sign up for AMA Token and share your data.

Second, you take the power back. You get to decide which pieces of your personal data are for sale. You also get to choose who can buy them, to ensure integrity and transparency. They will never be resold over and over.

Lastly transparency is huge. Everyday we see identity theft and other acts against a persons reputation. Unfortunately people who mine consumer data often times do it for the wrong reasons,again you get to verify your data and will know exactly who is purchasing you data.

The AMA Platform, is built on the ever transparent and complicated blockchain technology. AMA Token is a consumer data management and distribution system. Alpha Maverick Advertising Ltd., has many years of consumer marketing experience, and our team knows first hand the challenges, obstacles and complexity involved with digital data. We felt it was the right time to shatter the walls built that divide consumers from the very data that they produce.