Mike Basi, President/Chairman
Since founding our company, Mike Basi has served as our President and Chairman of the board of directors. Mr. Basi has over a decade of experience running over half a dozen advertising companies, and oversees all affairs at Alpha Maverick Advertising Ltd.
Some of the companies Mr.Basi has helped launch major advertising campaigns for include Home Depot, Nike, Wal-Mart, Rona, Exxon, Bed Bath and Beyond, Chapters Indigo and General Electric. In addition, Mr.Basi has worked closely with USA Basketball on various ventures.

Wayne Banks, Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Banks has been involved in the advertising world for many years. Starting at the bottom and working his way to the top while learning every aspect of Online Advertising and Marketing. Mr.Banks has launched various successful businesses and endeavors including the ultra-popular supplement brand Chaos and Pain.
Mr. Banks is a member of the Alpha Maverick Advertising Ltd., board of directors and manages oversees the day-to-day business.

Terence Yu, Chief Legal Counsel
With over 25 years of litigation experience Terence Yu overseas all legal affairs at Alpha Maverick Advertising Ltd.
Mr. Yu specializes in various types of law, but his knack for business and acumen for technology make him the ideal fit for Alpha Maverick.
In his spare time Mr. Yu loves watching his hometown team the Vancouver Canucks, as well as playing alongside his squad in Battlefield on Xbox.

William (Willy) T. Caldwell, Sales
Mr. Caldwell is the newest addition to Alpha Maverick Advertising Inc. He comes from a entrepreneurial background and has turned his Brick and Mortar Supplement Store Muscle Factory into an online powerhouse within the short span of a year.

Willy helps facilitate Website Sales and Marketing packages to his prospective clients. And helps deliver a conversion first approach to all eCommerce website owners.

In his spare time – Willy enjoys spending time with his fiancé and their son. He preaches and lives a healthy lifestyle which includes working out daily and taking a Spin Cycle class twice a week.